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Software Engineer by day, Blogger, Poet and Author, by night, I spend my days writing everything from the convex comma, to highly complex code. More recently however, I have found myself more deeply engrossed in the technology stacks and toolsets necessary to power business.

Most of my professional career has involved Customising Content Management Systems, but my interests are varied and I am constantly acquiring new ones. Currently, I'm exploring Digital Marketing & Analytics amongst other things.

Latest Projects

project yorudi

Yorùdí CLI Utility

Yorùdí is a command-line Yoruba to English dictionary that I developed for myself to help me learn 2 languages at once: Scala, and Yoruba.

The tool is constantly in development as I add new words to my dictionary all the time! (and once in a blue moon some new features too :) )

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project jquery-yql

jQuery - YQL jQuery Plugin

jQuery-YQL was an easy to use YQL plugin for jQuery which I used to power some of the listings on this website (specifically the anime and reading lists) by interfacing with the respective websites' APIs directly. That is, until Yahoo retired the YQL tool in 2019.

Note: By my standards this plugin was still in Alpha and not fit to be shared, but now that it's irrelevant, I think it can serve as an example of the coding I sometimes do in my free time.

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project this-website

Personal Site Website

Every year, I try to make it a point to redesign or re-implement my website. It's an opportunity for me to practice new skills and experiment with new technologies.

This year, I'm playing with Grav - The Modern Flat-File CMS.

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My Books

the-duet book

The Duet Poetry

This is the first collection of poetry in Nigeria, co-authored by a mother & son. A beautiful melody of perspectives of child and adult, the book presents the human experiences of young and old to its readers in a refreshing and heartwarming way.

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season-for-all-things book

A Season for All Things Poetry

In my second collection of poetry, I examine the peaks and valleys of life’s journey and the seasons we go through. This book reaches out and poses a challenge, daring the reader to live and live fully.

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Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer - Toki Mabogunje & Co. (2015 - Present)

As C.T.O. and Head, Communications & Technology, I am responsible for all of our online digital efforts - including but not limited to the following:

  • Website Front & Backend Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Technology Risk Management

Software Engineer - The Math Forum (2013 - 2015)

My time at the Math Forum was spent creating tools for Pedagogic teaching and learning at the high school level. In particular, my responsibilities revolved around one all-encompasing tool, aptly named EnComPass.

  • JavaScript Front & Backend Development (Node JS, Ember JS)
  • NoSQL Database Design (Mongo DB)
  • TDD (regression, integration, code quality, and unit tests)
  • Development of Best Practices

Application Developer - JPMorgan Chase & Co. (2009)

At JPMC, I worked for the Ethical Hacking Team responsible for evaluating and ensuring the security of the firms applications. I built a Vulnerability Assessment tool for the team to rate the vulnerability of applications as per the CVSS 2 standard.

  • Windows Application Development (C#)
  • Relational Database Design (MySQL)
  • Application Architecture (UML)

Web Developer - Drexel University (2008 - 2012)

I started working for the Drexel University CS dept. as an Undergrad. At the time the department was moving from MediaWiki to Drupal so all my work involved Drupal customizations.

  • On-demand development of Drupal templates, views, and other features.
  • Content Management, Taxonomy, and Classification
  • Data Migration

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