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About Me

Software Engineer by day, Blogger, Poet, and Author by night, I spend my days writing everything from the convex comma, to highly complex code. I started creatively writing poetry at the age of 10. Now I creatively write code

Most of my professional career has involved Customising Content Management Systems, but my interests are varied and I am constantly acquiring new ones. Currently, I'm exploring Arbitration, and Digital Marketing.

I'm also working (ever so slowly) on a Novel, and I'm passively investigating Behavioural Psychology and Natural Language Processing, amongst other things.

Latest Projects

project this-website

Personal Site Website

Every year, I try to make it a point to redesign or re-implement my website. It's an opportunity for me to practice new skills and experiment with new technologies. This year, I'm playing with Grav - The Modern Flat-File CMS, and I've gotta tell you:

I'm lovin' it.

project freecodecamp-lagos

FreeCodeCamp Lagos

I decided to join the FreeCodeCamp Lagos community after trying a few exercises on the site. The group has been great. The constant activity on Facebook keeps me motivated even when I can't participate, and the few times that I have participated, have been worthwhile.

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project yorudi

Yòrúdì - A Yoruba-English Dictionary Prototype

Yòrúdì is the project I envisioned when I decided to teach myself Scala. In the Languages section here, you will see that I'm a novice at my native tongue. To help myself, I wanted an extensible dictionary. While I only completed a proof-of-concept, I learnt a lot about Scala & Yoruba in the process.

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My Books

season-for-all-things book

A Season for All Things Poetry

In my second collection of poetry, I examine the peaks and valleys of life’s journey and the seasons we go through. This book reaches out and poses a challenge, daring the reader to live and live fully.

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the-duet book

The Duet Poetry

This is the first collection of poetry in Nigeria, co-authored by a mother & son. A beautiful melody of perspectives of child and adult, the book presents the human experiences of young and old to its readers in a refreshing and heartwarming way.

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Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer - Toki Mabogunje & Co. (2015 - Present)

As C.T.O. and Head, Communications & Technology, I am responsible for all of our online digital efforts - including but not limited to the following:

  • Website Front & Backend Development
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Online Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Technology Risk Management

Software Engineer - The Math Forum (2013 - 2015)

My time at the Math Forum was spent creating tools for Pedagogic teaching and learning at the high school level. In particular, my responsibilities revolved around one all-encompasing tool, aptly named EnComPass.

  • JavaScript Front & Backend Development (Node JS, Ember JS)
  • NoSQL Database Design (Mongo DB)
  • TDD (regression, integration, code quality, and unit tests)
  • Development of Best Practices

Application Developer - JPMorgan Chase & Co. (2009)

At JPMC, I worked for the Ethical Hacking Team responsible for evaluating and ensuring the security of the firms applications. I built a Vulnerability Assessment tool for the team to rate the vulnerability of applications as per the CVSS 2 standard.

  • Windows Application Development (C#)
  • Relational Database Design (MySQL)
  • Application Architecture (UML)

Web Developer - Drexel University (2008 - 2012)

I started working for the Drexel University CS dept. as an Undergrad. At the time the department was moving from MediaWiki to Drupal so all my work involved Drupal customizations.

  • On-demand development of Drupal templates, views, and other features.
  • Content Management, Taxonomy, and Classification
  • Data Migration

My Github

I'm not very active on GitHub, but I do have an account, and once in a while I do something. I hope to improve on this, this year.

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